PCC paving crew on Hwy 18 in Chickasaw County

Chickasaw County

Manatts, Inc. completed an overlay project on US Hwy 18 in Chickasaw County during the summer of 2011.

June - December
US Hwy 18 Chickasaw Co.
Year Completed:

The Chickasaw County project was an 18.9 mile unbounded overlay of US Hwy 18.  This job was the first PCC overlay placed one lane at a time on an Iowa State Highway without an official detour.  The project's inception was made possible because of stringless technology, which Manatts, Inc has been using for 3 seasons now.  The overlay involved several of Manatts' divisions. The project began with full depth patching, longitudinal subdrain and pipe work, followed by reconstruction of bridge approaches and new transition paving.  Two-thirds of the original pavement needed to be milled as well.  After the bridge approaches, transition paving and milling operations were complete, the PCC overlay began.  After the concrete was laid, our saw crew cut 1.03 million linear feet of joints.
The PCC paving crew achieved 94% of the available smoothness incentive on this Chickasaw County project.