Highway 65 – Lucas Co.

Manatt's PCC Division completed an overlay project in Lucas County on Highway 65.


40 calendar days
Lucas County
Year Completed:

Highway 65 in Lucas Co. consisted of a 32' wide overlay project. We overlaid the existing 22' wide pavement with 5.5 inches of concrete and added an additional 5' of concert shoulder to each side. The new road is now 24' travel way with paved/rock shoulders from the Wayne Co. line to the Highway 34 intersection at Lucas, IA. We then worked on finishing granular shoulders, painting, and guardrail. We had a 40 day schedule to close the road, remove, and grade 13 full depth transition areas, place asphalt bond breaker, and pave the road. We would like to thank all of our employees from the crews who made this possible. We had rain on about 11 of the 40 calendar days and every one had to put forth a lot of effort to make this process a success.