Hwy 30/330 – Jasper/Marshall Co.

Manatt’s bid this job in the February IDOT letting.  The project is located in two separate counties – Jasper and Marshall.  The first section in Jasper county involved “milling and filling” approximately 1 mile of Hwy 330 in the NE bound lanes.  The plans called for 22,805 SY of milling approximately 3” deep and we replaced it with new asphalt – approximately 3,200 tons of 10 million ESAL (Equivalent Single Axel Load) asphalt mixture.  The surface layer of asphalt incorporated a friction aggregate (steel slag) trucked in from Davenport, Iowa so that vehicles would maintain more stability while driving during the winter months.  This part of the project is complete.

The other piece of this job is located near the intersection of Hwy 330 and Hwy 30 in Marshall County.  On this piece, Manatt’s will overlay Hwy 30 with an innovative Interlayer Base course.  The Interlayer is designed retard cracking from occurring from the deteriorated concrete pavement below.  We will place approximately 1,000 tons of interlayer asphalt and top it with two lifts of asphalt.  Total tonnage on this project will be almost 4,000 tons of asphalt.  We will complete this project around the first of October.